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Evolutionary Theory in Management and Organization Theory at the Beginning of a New Millennium: A Symposium on the State of the Art and Opportunities for Future Research Evolutionary Theory

Click here for Symposium Overview       Click Here for Symposium Transcript

Monday, Aug 7 2000 4:10PM - 6:00PM at Sheraton Centre in Ballroom East, Toronto Canada

Chair: Murmann, Johann Peter Northwestern U.
Discussant: Murmann, Johann Peter Northwestern U.

The beginning of a "New Time," the theme of this year's academy meeting, provides a welcome opportunity to take stock of the accomplishments, open questions, and most promising research avenues of evolutionary models in management and organization theory. A panel of three leaders in evolutionary thought -- Howard Aldrich, Sid Winter, and Dan Levinthal -- will appraise the state of the art in evolutionary research and will present their views on where scholarly efforts should go in the new millennium.

Keywords:    State of Evolutionary Theory, Future Directions in Evolutionary Theory, Evolutionary Theory and Entrepreneurship.

An Evolutionary Theory of Organizational Change for the New Millennium
Author: Aldrich, Howard E. U. of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

The Progress of Evolutionary Thinking in Economics and Management
Author: Winter, Sidney U. of Pennsylvania       

The Evolution of Evolutionary Ideas in the Academy of Management
Author: Levinthal, Daniel U. of Pennsylvania

Program Link for the entire conference: