Research Centers


Andersen's Evolutionary Economics Site

Aalborg University, Denmark


A set of web pages and links on evolutionary economics with special emphasis on algorithmic approaches to evolutionary economic analysis, and on the economics of technical change.


Bureau d'Economie Th?©orique et Appliqu?©e (Research Laboratory in Theoretical and Applied Economics)

Universit?© Louis Pasteur, Strasbourg


Created in 1972 and “associate” member of the French National Center for Scientific Research since 1985, BETA is considered to be one of the strategic French research centers in the field of “economics and management science”.


Center for the Evolutionary Analysis of Cultural Behaviour

University College London


Its aim is to create a center for interdisciplinary research that will use cutting-edge evolutionary biological methods to advance understanding of the evolution of human cultural behavior, especially those practices that are connected with subsistence, and the manufacture and use of artifacts. The center wants to provide a strategic institutional identity on a world scale for the evolutionary analysis of human culture, a developing area of research whose practitioners are dispersed in different departments around the world. 


ESRC Center for Research on Innovation and Competition (CRIC)

The University of Manchester & UMIST, England


The Center for Research on Innovation and Competition was created by the ESRC in 1997 to form a center of excellence, in Manchester, at the interface of management and social sciences. 

Its aim is to contribute to the fundamental understanding of the complex issues that underline and link together innovation and competitiveness.

Darwin at LSE

Darwin @ LSE

Center for Philosophy of Natural and Social Science (CPNSS), London School of Economics


Darwin@LSE explores recent developments in evolutionary thinking, in particular what evolutionary theory can tell us about human nature—understanding our bodies,brains,minds,behavior,consciousness and aspects of culture as the products of adaptations evolved by natural selection.


Danish Research Unit For Industrial Dynamics

Copenhagen Business School (Institute for Industrial Economics and Strategy); Aalborg University (Department of Business Studies): Denmark


The objective of DRUID is to contribute to a better understanding of the dynamics of technical, structural and institutional change at the level of the single firm as well as at the inner-firm level and the level of the economy as a whole.  Special attention is given to fundamental trends such as the growing importance of knowledge for competitiveness, the information technology revolution, the ecological challenge and the internationalization of the economy.


The ESRC Centre for Economic Learning and Social Evolution

Department of Economics, University College of London, England


An interdisciplinary research center concerned with the modeling of human behavior in the social sciences.  With a particular interest in the evolutionary foundations of human behavior, and in learning and imitation process, ELSE involves mainly economists and psychologists but also anthropologists and mathematicians.


International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Laxenburg, Austria


Since 1972, IIASA has been initiating and supporting collaborative and individual research in relation to the problems of modern societies arising from scientific and technological development.  By providing science-based insight into complex global problems, IIASA strives to conduct first class innovative research that will give global societies the insight to better master their endeavors.


Laboratory of Economics and Management

St. Anna's School of Advanced Studies, Italy


Sponsors and hosts research in the areas of economics, organization theory and empirics, management and corporate strategies, public choice and other aspects of public policy, innovation studies, environment, industrial history and theory, cognitive and artificial sciences. LEM welcomes interdisciplinary endeavors and favor dialogue between empirical investigations, theoretical developments and normative contributions - concerning both corporate management and public policies.

MPI at Jena

Max-Planck-Institut zur Erforschung Von Wirtschaftssystemen (Max Planck Institute For Research into Economic Systems)

Jena, Germany


Max Planck institutes specialize in supplementing university research by specializing in taking up new,  innovative fields of research.


Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology

Maastricht School of Management, Maastricht University, Netherlands


MERIT is a research institute based out of Maastrict University, the Netherlands.
Our research focuses on the economics of technological change and innovation.


Center for the Study of Management, Organization and Human Nature

Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University


MOHN is a resource for those interested in investigating and understanding management and organization issues from a perspective which fully takes into account our evolved human nature.  MOHN is looking to share insights between the study of management and organization on the one hand and the study of evolutionary psychology, human sociobiology, and human ethology on the the other.


Northwestern Institute on Complex Systems

Northwestern University, Evanston, IL, USA


NICO respresents a cross-disciplinary group of faculty interested in the analysis of complex social and natural systems with applications ranging from medicine, nanotechnology to engineering and management.


Program on Evolutionary Dynamics

Harvard University


The center is devoted to researching applications of Mathematics and Computer Science to Biology.

Santa Fe Institute

Santa Fe Institute

New Mexico, USA


The Santa Fe Institute (SFI) is devoted to creating a new kind of scientific research community, emphasizing multidisciplinary collaboration and focusing on what has come to be known as studies of complexity and complex adaptive systems. SFI seeks to break down the barriers between traditional disciplines, to spread its ideas and methodologies to other institutions, and to encourage the practical application of its results.


Science and Technology Policy Research

University of Sussex at Brighton, England


SPRU is one of the world leaders in policy research on science, technology and innovation (STI) and its wider economic, social and environmental implications.  SRRU’s mission is to deepen the understanding of the place of STI in the global economy for the benefit of government, business and society.