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The Evolution of Cultural Entities


Edited by Michael Wheeler , John Ziman and Margaret Boden



John Ziman (The Epistemology Group)

Introduction: Selectionist Reasoning as a Tool of Thought


Garry Runciman (Sociology, Cambridge)

Heritable Variation and Competitive Selection as the Mechanism of Sociocultural Evolution


Eva Jablonka (Biology, Tel Aviv)

Between Development and Evolution: How to Model Cultural Change


Tim Ingold (Anthropology, Aberdeen)

Between Evolution and History: Biology, Culture and the Myth of Human Origins


Clifford Hooker (Philosophy, Newcastle NSW)

An Integrating Scaffold: Toward an Autonomy-Theoretic Modelling of Cultural Change


Adam Kuper (Anthropology, Brunel)



Henry Plotkin (Psychology, UCL)

Learning From Culture


Mary Midgley (Philosophy, Newcastle upon Tyne)

Choosing the Selectors


Richard Nelson (Economics, Columbia NY)

Evolutionary Theorizing in Economics


Gunther Teubner (Law, Frankfurt)

Idiosyncratic Production Regimes: Co-evolution of Economic and Legal Institutions 

in the Varieties of Capitalism


Joan Solomon (Science Education, Open University)

The Evolution of Education: Change and Reform


Brian Loasby (Economics, Stirling)

Making Sense of Making Artefacts


Susantha Goonatilake (New School for Social Science, New York)

The Evolution of Merged Culture, Genes and Computing Artefacts