The Publishing Interface, Part 1

Below is a screen shot of the publishing interface. Below the screen shot you’ll find a numbered reference to each item explaining what to do for that field.


  1. Title: Enter the title of your working paper here.
  2. URL Title: Do nothing. The system will automatically make a url title for you. For example, the title “My Working Paper” will be converted to “My_Working_Paper.” This helps search engines pick up the information.
  3. Formatting tool box: This box helps you with formatting your text. Please note that you may not upload files.
  4. Year-Number: Enter the Year, then number of your working paper. For example, if the working paper before yours is 04-02, yours should be numbered 04-03.
  5. Co-Author: Enter other co-authors here.
  6. 3 Keywords: Enter 3 keywords that describe your working paper. Separate each keyword with a “,”. example: keyword one, keyword two, keyword three
  7. Downloadable?: If you have your paper available online select “yes” from the dropdown.
  8. If “yes” enter download URL: If you have your paper online and wish to link to it, enter the full url to your paper here. Example:
  9. Abstract: Enter your abstract here.

You’re almost done. Click page 4 to continue.

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