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Dear Friends,

Twenty years ago in November 1989 I have been visiting MERIT, Maastricht for one month scholarship. At that time the Berlin Wall has been tearing down. Thanks to the discussion at MERIT, I have started to develop the evolutionary model of industrial dynamics. I think that the model has passed the test of history and after twenty years is ëstill aliveí. I would like to focus your attention to the model and its simulation results. The relevant information can be found at my website:

For the first time the model has been published in JEBO in 1992 but the full description of the model and its simulation results were published in the book ëKnowledge, Innovation and Economyí, available for reading at Google Books:
The working version is possible to be downloaded from:

Currently I am trying to use the model for enquiring the problem of ëdiversity and developmentí, i.e. to what extend the diversity of economic agents influence the economic growth.
I would be really indebted for any comments and suggestions for further research on the model (my e-mail: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)).
Thank you in advance,

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