History of Evolutionary Thought

Depew, David J. and Bruce H. Weber (1995). Darwinism Evolving: Systems Dynamics and the Genealogy of Natural Selection. Cambridge, Mass, MIT Press. Keywords: Evolution (Biology), Philosophy, History. The books presents a very good overview of the history of evolutionary theory with particular emphasis on Darwin's theory of natural selection. It is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in a philosophically-informed history of evolutionary though.

Hodgson, Geoffrey M. & Torbjorn Knudsen (2010). Darwin’s Conjecture. Chicago, University of Chicago Press. In the introductory chapter the authors provide an excellent intellectual history of how Darwin was received in the social sciences over the past 150 years. Jack Vromen provides an excellent review of the book.

Sanderson, Stephen K (1990). Social Evolutionism: A Critical History. Cambridge, Mass. USA, Blackwell. Keywords: Social evolution

Museum of Paleontology (UC Berkeley): Exhibit on the History of Evolutionary Thought

Principia Cybernetica Web: Links in the History of Evolution