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Axelrod, Robert M (1984). The Evolution of Cooperation. New York, Basic Books. Keywords: Cooperativenes, Games of strategy (Mathematics), Conflict management, Egoism, Consensus, Social interaction. This is the classic game-theoretic treatment of the evolution of cooperation.

Axelrod, Robert M (1997). The Complexity of Cooperation: Agent-based Models of Competition and Collaboration. Princeton, N.J, Princeton University Press. Keywords: Cooperativeness, Competition, Conflict management, Adaptability (Psychology), Adjustment (Psychology), Computational complexity, Social systems Computer simulation.

Thayer, Bradley A. (2004). Darwin and International Relations: On the Evolutionary Origins of War and Ethnic Conflict. Lexington, University Press of Kentucky. 250,000 generations of human beings lived as hunters and gatherers and only for 8 generations we have lived in industrial societies. The book argues that out political instincts have been shaped by the requirements of hunter gatherer societies, which has implications how political actors behave today. For a review of book to to:

Thompson, William (2001). Evolutionary Interpretations of World Politics. New York, Routledge. Keywords: Political Science › International Relations › History & Theory Editors Note: In economics profits provide a consistent selection mechanism. It is less clear that "elections" are are consistent selection mechanism.